About Us

CodeNgo is a self-publishing service helping Android app developers and publishers get their apps in more app stores.

This allows developers to save time and ensure that their apps are available regardless of where consumers choose to shop. We set up developers accounts for publishers and enable them to submit their app and app updates to 10s or 100s of stores all from a single location. In addition, we work with our app store partners to deliver non-incentived downloads for our publishers at extremely competitive rates.

Founded in December 2011 by mobile industry veterans with over 16 years experience in mobile content distribution & marketing. We strive to lower the barriers preventing developers from supporting more stores and platforms so they can reach more customers and make more money. Established in Sydney Australia, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Spend more time coding and let us handle the hard work for you.


"Anything that lets me spend more time coding is of value to me"

Aussie Game Developer
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